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Programs: Pre-Prosecution Diversion


The 13th Judicial District Attorney’s Office Administers a Pre-Prosecution Diversion Program (PPD) designed to help first time non-violent offenders stay out of the prison system, make right on their mistakes and preserve their futures by keeping their records free of felony convictions. 

To participate in the PPD program, the defendant must be represented by an attorney. The crime for which the defendant is currently charged must be a nonviolent felony offense, and the circumstances surrounding the crime must be nonviolent. The investigating law enforcement agency and the victim(s) must agree to the defendant’s participation in the PPD Program. 

After completing an application and submitting it to the District Attorney’s Office, the District Attorney will determine if the defendant is a suitable candidate for the program. If accepted the defendant will sign a participation agreement and agree to completing all of the requirements of the program. Some of the requirements are the same for each person in the program, for example, community service, but others may differ based on individual circumstances. For example, those who never graduated from high school will be required to obtain their GED. Defendants with drug charges will likely be required to enroll in  treatment programs.  

For additional information please contact:
Nina Salazar, PPD Administrator

"The Pre-Prosecution Program showed me that I can be good."

– Former defendant who during the course of her participation in the program, got off heroin, obtained a job, got custody of her child back, and a place to live.

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