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Welcome to the Office of the 13th Judicial District Attorney!


Principled policies require community collaboration cooperation and understanding. As the District Attorney, the chief law enforcement officer of the 13th, I’m not only committed to a fair judicial process but also to the creation and practice of principled policies for the people of the 13th Judicial District. I intend for this office to be seen as a value to the community, not just something that puts bad guys in jail.”  
– Barbara Romo, District Attorney

The 13th District

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The 13th Judicial District Attorney's Office represents a wide and varied district that covers the New Mexico counties of Cibola, Valencia and Sandoval and is headed by District Attorney Barbara Romo. One of the largest districts in the state, the 13th Judicial District Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases in all three counties seeking justice, protecting the vulnerable, through a fair and transparent judicial process. read more>>

Cibola County

Cibola County was created in 1981 out of the huge western most part of what was then Valencia County, 1 hour west of Albuquerque. Cibola County Land area is approximately 4,542 square miles encompassing approximately 30 small villages and communities, Acoma and Laguna Pueblos, and the towns of Grants and Milan. more info>>


Sandoval County

The 2019 population pf Sandoval County was estimated at 146,748 people an increase of 27%, with a 31% growth rate in the 2019 census. Sandoval County has 12 Native American Pueblos and two-joint areas lying within its borders. Sandoval County has the second highest number of Native American Pueblos of any county in the United States.  more info>>


Valencia County

Valencia County is the second-smallest county in New Mexico by area (1,068 square miles). As of the 2019 Census the population was approximately 76,688 across the communities of Belen. Rio Communities, Bosque Farms, Los Lunas and about 20 different village communities. more info>>

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